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Patrick REDL Wehrli ( 1969 – Zurich, Switzerland) 


Born in Zurich in 1969, REDL developed a passion for drawing from an early age on. When the hip-hop culture and particularly graffiti grew in Europe during the early eighties, he was immediately fascinated by this new form of creative expression and sprayed his first painting in 1983.


Parallel to his preparatory course at the Zurich School of Arts and his vocational training as a photo retoucher and illustrator, REDL further developed his graffiti skills. The young artist was fascinated so much that he dedicated himself completely to this exiting mix of art and movement. In consequence, REDL became one of the main exponents of the Swiss graffiti and street art scene in the 1990s. By traveling the world (Paris, Amsterdam to New York and Quito) he expanded his artistic horizon and met some of the most famous street artists, which had a significant influence on his work.


In 1993, he founded artworks.ch and since then has worked as a freelance artist, graphic designer and illustrator. In the past 20 years he completed projects at home and abroad for numerous companies, public institutions and private clients. His work ranges from mural art in Egypt, Belgium, Italy and Switzerland to logo design for the Zurich biotech company Molecular Partners. Other customers include Swiss Olympic, Openair Frauenfeld, Adidas, Street Parade, the City of Zurich, Migros and many more.


Between 1998 and 2003, REDL regularly exhibited his works in Zurich. As of 2004, he focused on his professional independence as a graphic designer and illustrator and only created canvas paintings on request.


Today, REDL is an established graphic designer, 3D and graffiti artist with a broad base of customers. Since 2012, his works can again be found more frequently on facades and in galleries.    




2017          Neusicht, Art Festival Luzern

2017          Exhibit at Grafik17, Halle 622, Zurich 

2016          Neusicht, Art Festival Luzern          

2016          Kunst im Dolderbad, SUP-Art, Group exhibition

2016          Meeting of Styles Italia, Milano

2015          Urban X – Group exhibition, Büro Destruct, Zurich

2015          SUP Art – Group exhibition, Galerie Vinc-END, Feldmeilen

2015          Exhibit at Grafik15, Maag-Halle, Zurich

2014          Exhibit at Grafik14, Maag-Halle, Zurich

2014          Exhibit at Grafik14, Maag-Halle, Zurich

2012          Einzel-Ausstellung im Mad Art, Zürich.

2012          Aussteller an der Grafik12, Maag-Halle, Zürich

2011          REDL-Auktion „20 years“ Solo-exhibition at Exil Klub, Zurich.

2009          Live Painting with Gen U One, Galerie Blam Blam Blam, Zurich

2005          Graffiti-Convention Flame Jam in Zürich

2004          Graffiti-Convention Flame Jam in Zürich

2003          Exhibition at Punkt 1, specialized store for design and art, Zurich

2003          Solo-exhibition at Mad Art, Zurich

2003          Solo-exhibition at Galerie World’s End, Zurich

2002          Group exhibition Art-Attack in Zurich

2000          Exhibition Graffiti 2000, Shedhalle, Rote Fabrik, Zurich

1999          Exhibition Graffiti 2000, Shedhalle, Rote Fabrik, Zurich

1995          Invitations to Graffiti Conventions in Rimini, Italy und Mainz, Germany

1993          Group exhibition at Casino Montreux with Mode2 and UnderCover Crew

1992          Graffiti Art, Basel, charitable fundraising exhibition




















Patrick Redl Wehrli
Riedtlistrasse 23/27
8006 Zürich

Tel.: +41 44 363 64 65

Fischer's Fritz, 3D Anamorphic Painting "Sunny"

Zürich, Switzerland. 2018

Projekt in Mechelen, Belgien. 2016